About the FONDANT.COM website:
"All things fondant" is not a catch phrase –
it's who we are. FONDANT.COM is a
comprehensive, authoritative, resource
and information center that features
recipes, tips, techniques, tools and
social forum devoted to the most
important "mother recipe" in
confectionary history . . . FONDANT.
Patricia Holmes, founder
FONDANT.COM specializes in original,
custom designed cake and cookie
sculptures and topper decorations by
pastry artist, author and FONDANT.COM
founder, Patricia Holmes.
These unique sculptures are created
from various forms of fondant including
rolled fondant and gumpaste.
Keepsake, non-edible,"hard-copy"
decorations made from moldable
sculpture clay are also available.
©Spirit Bear Company
FONDANT.COM was formed in 1999 as a spin-off
company from Patricia Holmes' first culinary venture;
Spirit Bear Company©.
Spirit Bear Company began in 1991 with the production
of, 3-D Cookie Sculptures made from vibrantly colored,
all-butter Shortbread Cookie dough. In the 1980's and
early '90's, Royal Icing decorated shortbread cookies
were the only fancy cookies available. Spirit Bear
Shortbread Cookie Sculptures answered the need for
non-frosted cookies with the same design impact & whimsy
the high-end consumer wanted without added sugar.
First order…Neiman-Marcus:
The first Shortbread Cookie Sculpture produced
commercially was a nutcracker-shaped cookie
commissioned by Neiman-Marcus on the
100th anniversary of Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker Suite
in 1991. The cookies were a great success and an
open-ended order was placed to keep up with demand.
High-end retailers take notice: the "new"
Cookie Sculptures concept immediately attracted
food buyers from Bloomingdale's and Nordstrom.
The other high end retailers began ordering their own
exclusive Spirit Bear-designed cookies.
Starbucks followed suit with orders by the
dozen for each of its 110 Midwest corporate stores.
Retail beginnings:
Spirit Bear opened the first of its on-site baking
facility/retail venues based on its exploding
cookie sales in 1993.
Expanding on the idea of colored, edible
dough acting as modeling clay, Pastry Artist,
Patricia Holmes
was creating 3-D cake
toppers, cookie overlays and decorations from
marzipan and pastillage. These sugar mediums
have similar modeling capabilities to rolled
fondant and sugar paste. When customers
who are allergic to the almonds in marzipan
started demanding the same products in
non-allergenic form, Patricia added special
ingredients to classic sugar pastillage and
cookie doughs to produce a wide range of similar,
modeling-clay-like mediums. These doughs became
the cornerstone for the creation of unique designs
that Patricia and Spirit Bear Company became known for.

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